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Established in 2002, Engma is a leading human resources outsourcing service agency in China. It is committed to serve as an expert in human capital management services in China, and realize the human capital its maximum value, to promote the development of the society and make our world a better place.  
The main business: manufacturing outsourcing,Outsourcing Service for Service Industry, search of professionals at the high and medium level, and a number of professional human resources outsourcing services. At present, the Group has 90 branches, over 600 in the management team and more than 50,000 expatriate employees, and training and supply of talent ability per year exceeds 100,000. 
Over the past 17 years since its establishment, over 1,000,000 staffs have been trained and job placed by this Group, which made great contributions to promote employment. Because of its outstanding performance and prominent achievement, Engma has won 20 honors at the national level, including “The National Employment and Social Security Advanced Private Enterprise” jointly recognized by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, All-China Federation of Trade Union and The National Association of Industry and Commerce, directed against the industry of human resources. 


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